These Stunning Photos Of New Zealand’s Glowing Caves Will Absolutely Amaze You!

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Joseph Michael is a photographer based in New Zealand. He normally goes off in the Antarctic to capture shots of icebergs or fuss over new motion-capture equipment for local film productions like those that were used in The Lord of the Rings.

Recently, he took a break and played around with some of the mysterious occupants of New Zealand’s ancient limestone caves. The results are completely stunning.

The caves are inhabited by creatures called “Arachnocampa luminosa”. They are responsible for the lovely glow of the cave. But, they don’t really live longer than a year.

These glow worms normally last 6 to 12 months by clinging to the damp walls of the moist caves.

They are often seen in New Zealand’s limestone caves, which were formed 30 million years ago.

Adult glow worms normally have five or six days as grown up before they lose their lights.

Because of Michael’s incredible skills as a photographer, he was able to capture these gorgeous images. He was so patient and took photos of the cave’s interiors.


Once male glow worms become mature, only the females keep glowing.

Even if they glow continuously, they are rarely photographed.

To find out how long an area has been occupied, one has to check the size and the density of the glow worm nests.

Fortunately, Joe Michael found certain areas of the caves that were filled with these glowing creatures. This only means that while one glow worm might not live long, he still has company that has already been occupying the taverns for a certain span of time.

According to studies, the light helps the female glow worms attract mates and reproduce more eggs.



Because the glow worms can’t migrate to other places, they tend to build these beautiful colonies.


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