These Folks Hold Records for Their Odd Collections …Check Out these Bizarre Hobbyists

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It is not uncommon for kids to collect whatever they would love to. But it seems like these adults were not able to get over with their hobbies since childhood.

Because of their love to collect these unusual items, they even hold records for the strangest and largest things on earth.

Barbie Dolls

Bettina Dorfmann is strangely very committed to collecting Barbie dolls starting in 1993 and now has 15,000 different dolls in her possession. She received her first-ever doll in 1966 in Germany.

Water Bottle Labels

Lorenzo Pescini, an Italian guy, has gathered 8,650 water bottle labels through 1,683 random springs and 185 countries. He didn’t do it to recycle them, sell them, and donate the money to charity. He sees it as a fun hobby, and as a result, he’s now a record holder.

Troll Dolls

This lady from Ohio broke a record in 2012 with her collection of 2,990 troll dolls. Perhaps, nobody can dare to beat her yet, because Sherry Groom has more than 3,500 unique dolls by now.

Miniature Chairs

Barbara Hartsfield had been collecting mini versions of chairs for over ten years. She has already collected more than 3,000 cute chairs and set the record in 2008. Because of the huge population of mini chairs, she opened a museum in Georgia in the same year.


The couple Joann and Cecil were fond of collecting items that were related to chicken for already 40 years. They already have collected 6,505 items, which made them definitely a record-breaker.



Pooh and Friends Memorabilia

Deb Hoffmann set the record for the grandest collection of Winnie the Pooh and Friends random items with over 10,002, which then rose in number to 11,485 items in 2014.



Dr. Manfred S. Rothstein, a dermatologist, has plenty of choices to scratch his back with the 675 backscratchers that he got from over 71 different countries. A good number to scratch his back every day.

Dice and Anything Nice

Kevin Cook began collecting up to 55,000 dice since 1977 when he started playing Dungeon and Dragons. His mass collection of dice set him the as a Guinness record holder in 2004 as he owned a total of 11,097 differently shaped and differently colored dice as the time.

Teddy Bears of All Kinds

Most people would always love to buy or receive teddy bears, but Jackie Miley took it seriously and even set the record for most teddy bears owned in December 2012 with 8,026 items. She has collected bears from each state in the US and in no less than 24 other countries.

Clocks That Talk


Mark McKinley had 782 talking clocks which made him get recognized as the collector of the largest number of talking clocks in 2010. He eventually beat his own record with more than 954 items that are from different manufacturers. Because he had too many, McKinley intentionally set a few clocks at the exact same time because he didn’t want them to talk out loud at once.



Sickness Bags

Nick Vermeulen might just be a great blessing for people who have motion sickness. With his more than 6,290 sickness bags from 1,191 different airlines from more than 200 countries, you could not get enough of preparation.

Dentist-Prescribed Toothbrushes

With his over 1,320 collection of different tooth brushes, this dentist from Russia absolutely proved that he is a dentist. Dr. Grigori Fleicher is record-breakingly proud to say that.

“Do Not Disturb” Signs

This guy, Rainer Weichert, from Germany consistently collected 11, 570 signs that say, “Do Not Disturb.” He beat his previous record of 11,111 collected items. He has been collecting these signs since 1990, which he got from random cruise ships, airplanes, and hotels in over 188 different countries across the world. This man is really a passionate traveler, so do not disturb.

Million Dollars’ Worth of Pairs of Sport Shoes


Jordy Geller has previously set a record of pairs of sport shoes in 2012 with his collection totaling to 2,388. His collection then continually grew and reached more than $1 million. All the pairs were brand new and still in their boxes. He has all the models of Air Jordan.

Traffic Cones

David Morgan, a man from UK, has the hugest number of collected traffic cones from different parts of the world. With his collection of 137 different cones, though skimpy, he has more than two-thirds of every type made.



Pokémon Items

Lisa Courtney, from the United Kingdom, had traveled to different parts of Japan just to collect Pokemon-related stuff. She even sends eight to twelve boxes back home every time. With her 14,410 random items, she had set the record in 2010, but her collection is more than 16,000 items now.

Covers of Umbrella

Nancy Hoffman has collected umbrella covers that reached to 730 different items. Because of this, she set up an umbrella cover museum while she continues to collect more in Peaks Island, Maine, where she lives.


This guy’s collection of 561 different items would tell you how many items can be related to pizza. He owns puzzles, stickers, games, comic books, clothing, and household items that are all related to pizza.

Plastic Food Items

Akiko Obata has 8,083 choices of foods to prepare for you, but make sure you are not there to eat for real. Her food-related collection of plastic toys, magnets, food replica, and key chains has set the record in Japan in 2014.

Navel Fluff

It may sound strange, but yes, this Aussie man has collected naval fluffs that now weigh more than 22.1 grams. This may sound very few to you, but if you keep in mind that they’re all naval fluff and not soccer balls, then you would realize that it is already quite a lot. He started this bizarre collection in 1984. Graham Barker’s collection was recognized as the largest in 2010.

These people might sound funny for their unexpected collections, but you would rather admire them for their persistence.