This Adorable Sea Slug Eats Algae – The Reason Why is Shocking




Is this a sheep? Actually, it’s not. It is the Costasiella kuroshimae or the “Leaf Sheep”. This charming little creature has bead-like eyes and adorable feelers that make it appear like a cartooned version of a sheep. Like a sheep, it also feeds on grasses, but since it is found on the sea, it eats the algae.

Often found in Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan, the tiny leaf sheep can grow up to a length of 5mm. It is among the few animals on the planet that can perform photosynthesis. Whenever they eat algae, they consume the chloroplasts and use them into their own bodies through the process called kleptoplasty, which can only be performed by organisms with single cells. Because of this process, they are known as solar-powered slugs.

If this adorable little fella inspired you to look at sea slugs in a different way, then check out more of its photos below:

The Leaf Sheep normally feeds on algae.

It is among the few animals on the planet that use algae to photosynthesize.

It is commonly seen in countries like Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan.



Find out more about this creature in this video:


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