10 Animals Crowned With Beautiful and Attractive Hair

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The first thing people would usually notice among animals are their hair, especially if they are beautiful ones. The following animals don’t have to make a show to get themselves noticed. After all, these animals have really beautiful and attractive hair.

Polish Chicken

polish chicken

Polish chickens, which originated from Poland, are the most popular crested chicken breed in the world.The male chicken of this unique breed are adorned with a large and beautiful crest of feathers. Sometimes their large crests make them appear like chickens with no heads.They also have a distinctive ‘V’ shaped comb. Their plumages come ina variety of colors, including black, gold, silver and buff-laced.

Valais Blacknose Sheep

valais blacknose

The Valais Blacknose Sheep is a domestic breed that can be found in the Valais region of Switzerland. This breed is known for its thick beautiful wool which makes them adaptable to live in the high Swiss mountains. They graze in the steepest part of the Swiss Alps.

Silkie Chicken

silkie chicken

Don’t get yourself fooled. It IS a chicken. This fluffy haired Silkie chickens, which originated in China, is one of the most beautiful breed of chickens in the world and from its name itself, its plumage feel like silk. Silkie chickens are dressed in blue-black skin and bones. They also have five toes rather than four. And their plumage comes in various colors. Silkie chickens are also very gentle animals. No wonder they make ideal pets across Asia!



Racka Sheep


Rackas comes from a unique breed of sheep in Hungary. Their attractive cork-screw shaped horns that could be as long as 20 inches make main attractions among racka sheeps. Their thick wools are colored from brown to light brown to black. Racka sheeps are raise for meat, wool and milk.

Gypsy Horse

gypsy horse

Also known as Gypsy cob, Colored cob, Gypsy Vanner and Irish cob, they are admired for their leg feathering and silky straight hair. Their feathering make them look pretty but it also causes them problems. The feathers are likely to collect lots of mud making it almost impossible for them to move. The color of their coats appears in different patterns, but the most common is black and white.

Hairy Guinea Pig

hairy guinea pig

Guinea pigs, with their many breeds that differ in appearance and availability, make them adorable pets in the world. Some breeds are notable for their long smooth coat like the Silkie, Peruvian, Coronet, Sheba and Texel. Most of these breeds have shining silky hair and appears in varieties of colors.



Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat

Who would not be attracted to a domestic cat with long glossy coat? These Norwegian cats, also popularly known as ‘skogkatt’, are well adapted to survive in strong cold. Their long woolen coat is also water-repellent. Although they look almost alike with American long hair breed, it is their almond-shaped eyes and triangle shaped head that makes them unique and disitnguishable. Their adorable and playful nature lets them get along with other pets in the home.

Komondor Dog


The Komondor is a highly intelligent and protective breed of dog and are noticeable for their dense coat of white cords, making them look like mobile mops. But their coats serve them well and help them survive extreme weather conditions. Their long white cords can grow up to 8 to 11 inches. Their white cords require low maintenance – they don’t need regular combing.



Highland Cattle

highland cattle

The Highland Cattle come from the Scottish breed of cow with long horns and long-haired coat. It is one of the oldest cattle breed in the world. They have thick coats that help them survive harsh conditions of the Scottish highlands. Their coats also come in colors of red, black, yellow, dun and silver. Their horns are also used as a defense against predators like mountain lions and bears.

Lhasa Apso

lhasa apso

This long-haired dog originated in Tibet and were bred for hundreds of years to guard Buddhist monasteries. ‘Lhasa Apso’ means ‘long-haired dog’ in the Tabetic language. And their long hairs are also dense and heavy and varies in colors such as black, white, red and silver. Their long hairs need frequent combing. Lhasa Apsos are commonly seen in dog shows.



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