Twin Grooms Marry Twin Brides and Asked Twin Priests to Be Wedding Officiants

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This is a wedding that will make you see double. After viral photos emerged online, many cannot help but marvel at how unique this particular ceremony was, as it featured numerous sets of twins—including the priests!

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Twin brothers Dilraj and Dilkar married twin sisters Reema and Reena in St. Xavier’s Church in the Thrissuer district in Kerala, India

The  couples certainly had a “twin theme” in mind as they had twin priests Rezi and Roy Manaparambil officiate the ceremony

They also arranged the page boys and flower girls to be these adorable twins

Certainly, it was a day to remember

Twin marriages aren’t something new, but to have as many as seven sets of twins altogether for one wedding is one for the books. If by some strange coincidence, the two couples could each end up having twins as well. Either way, let’s wish them all the best.

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