Twin Sisters Give Birth on the Same Day – and Only 6 Minutes Apart

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Stephanie Edginton and her twin sisterNicole Montgomery, both gave birth to their baby at the same hospital—and only six minutes apart.

On February 8, 2016, three days after her child was due, Stephanie went to see her doctor. She was then told that she needed to go to a hospital.

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On that same day, when Stephanie and her husband were on their way to a hospital, they received a call from their family that her twin, Nicole, was about to give birth too.

The twin gave birth to their babies at the same day in the same hospital—and only six minutes apart. Stephanie’s newborn daughter, Cora, came out first, while Nicole’s daughter was born next.

The twin mothers are both speech and language pathologists, and they themselves were born only three minutes apart. Their family are suspecting that the two little bundles of joy would be just like their mothers.

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