Twin Sisters Give Birth to Set of Twins for the Second Time


Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker must be the happiest yet the most exhausted parents out there after they welcomed the newest addition—or shall we say pairs of additions—to their family. The identical twin sisters each gave birth to identical twins for the second time in five years.

It was in October 2015 that the twins knew that their due dates were only two weeks apart.  They gave birth to premature babies, Kelli on the 11th of January, and Kerri on the 13th of February.

Kelli and Kerri, who are now 36 years old, both married their best friends, live on the same street, are elementary teachers, and are working at the same school.

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Kelli’s newborn twins, Kenadee and Kyler, both weighed 4 pounds and were discharged from the intensive care unit in Timpanogos Regional Hospital the same week Kerri’s babies were sent home. Kerri’s newborns are named Kash, 4 pounds, and Jace, 5 pounds.

The twin mothers shared the same room in the hospital for a week after they had each given birth. It’s not something new for the sisters as they have been sharing just about everything since they were born.

They said that it’s also fulfilling for them to be able to do the duties of a parent at the same time, especially when they both thought they would never conceive a child. Kenadee and Kerri struggled from infertility, so they both underwent in vitro fertilization six years ago to bear a child.

This is the sisters’ second set of twins. Kerri’s first are Hallie and Kole, 4, and she also had a single birth. Kelli’s first twins are 5-year-olds McKell and Madison. The second time around, Kelli still had to rely on IVF to bear a child; Kerri, on the other hand, had a natural pregnancy.

The twins’ husbands, Robert Bunker, special education teacher, and Dustin Wall, diesel mechanic, are best friends. Both of them understand every little detail about their twin wives’ relationship.

Both of the twins returned to their job at Timpanogos Academy in London short after giving birth. Kelli handles a fifth-grade class while Kerri is teaching third-graders.

“We drive to work together, we end up wearing the same thing a lot of times, and we still call each other every night to say good night, ” Kerri stated in an interview. “Wherever they end up, we know they’ll always have a best friend for life.”

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