Vanishing Bone Disease

Vanishing Bone Disease: Rare Condition Makes Woman’s Bones Literally Disappear


A 44-year-old woman gave the medical world more questions to answer after it was found out that her bones are slowly disappearing.

Woman’s Rare Condition Makes Her Bones Disappear

The patient, who remains unnamed, first went to see a doctor complaining of an arm and shoulder pain. She underwent a series of tests, which later revealed that she has developed a very rare condition that causes her bones to literally disappear.

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Rare Disease of Vanishing Bones
Unexplained Mysteries

The first few tests the woman had were inconclusive. The first X-ray test showed a lesion in her humerus bone, the bone that runs from the shoulder to the elbow. She later developed non-cancerous blood vessel tumors. The woman’s fear grew when she her arm would break even from the smallest injuries.

It was after a number of X-rays that the doctors noticed the 44-year-old’s bones were vanishing, and she was eventually diagnosed with a rare condition called Gorham-Stout disease.

The Gorham-Stout Disease or the Vanishing Bone Disease

Gorham-Stout disease (GSD), also called the vanishing bone disease, is an incredible rare condition characterized by progressive bone loss. The disease usually affects the patient’s ribs, spine, jaw, pelvis, collarbone, and even the skull. Severe cases of the disease leave the sufferer functionally disabled and disfigured.

The vanishing bone disease is tagged a rare one, with Genetic and Rare Diseases Information (GARD) reporting only 64 to 200 reported cases around the world. It usually affects people not older than 40, although there are cases where the disease is detected later. The cause of GSD remains unknown. Until now, it is still considered a medical enigma, a condition that raises questions every time it makes its presence known.

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