This Romanian City Gives Free Bus Rides for Passengers Who Read Books Inside


They wanted to encourage more people to read in public transportation, so they came up with a plan. Between June 4 and 7 everyone who traveled with their book rode for free. There’s also another campaign to promote reading called Bookface. For the Bookface campaign, people who have a book on their Facebook profile receive discounts in different places from bookstores to hair salons and even dental clinics. On April 23, which is World Book Day, they allow people with a book to visit the botanical garden for free.

This lady came up with the plan of letting reading enthusiasts ride for free on public transportation.

The mayor posted the proposal on his Facebook page and the feedback was astounding.

After a year of effort, the idea became a reality.

Between June 4 and 7, 2015, anyone who read a book on a bus get to ride for free.

This campaign promotes reading by rewarding the readers, but not criticizing those who choose not to read.


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