Smartphones Can Now Project 3D Holograms …See How You Can Do it Too

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We have seen a lot of movies from the past years predicting the coming of holograms like Star Wars, Avatar, and Iron Man. But, honestly we have yet to see a smartphone that would actually project images and moving objects in the air, until now.

We will show you that the hologram technology is just within your reach, even with no fancy smart phones and applications. You just need a few basic tools and videos on YouTube that support this technology.

From Mrwhosertheboss on YouTube, here are the procedures on how to turn your phones into 3D holograms:


Tape or super glue

Graph paper



CD case

Utility knife or glass cutter


1. Create a rhombus shape in the graphing paper with a pen and cut it out. Suggested dimension is 1 by 3.5 by 6 centimeters.

2. Prepare the CD case, make sure edges are removed and the surface is clean and free from scratch.

3. Trace the cut-out shape graph paper into the CD case and cut it with a glass cutter to create a glass template. Use the first template to trace thee more templates. You should have a total of four rhombus-shaped glass template after.

4. Glue the 4 templates together and make sure the glass surface will remain spotless. If glue won’t work, try using tape just to hold the edges.

5. Put the joined templates in the middle of your phone and play a hologram-specific video of your choice. Don’t forget to turn off the lights so you can see the magic!



Watch the video tutorial below on how to create a 3D hologram with your phone:

Here are some of the successful Instragrammers who perfected the art of this trick:

เอาตรงๆนะ กู 2 คนว่าง ไม่มีรัยทำ #hologram

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No place like Earth. #saveearth #hologram

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#holographic #hologram #earth #zemlja #space #sunshine

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Would you make this at home, or do you think it’s too much effort for a few minutes of amusement? If you WOULD make it, what images/GIFs would you turn into a hologram? Let us know in the comments!


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