See How Americans and Aussies Differ at Celebrating Christmas

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Welcome to the Holiday season as we ponder the subtle differences that allow us to distinguish Americans and Australians during the Christmas season. While people from the Land Down Under have fun and laughter with family and friends on the beach, Americans dress up in their winter coats to play in the snow and sing Christmas carols. But apart from that, there are tons of other differences you may actually notice.

Holiday Attire

USA: It’s winter, so people wrap themselves up to battle the cold.
Australia: Board shorts and singlets definitely make a cool Christmas outfit. Santa hat is only optional.


USA: Because it’s winter, building snowmen is perhaps the best way to celebrate a white Christmas.
Australia: Christmas marks the beginning of summer, and when you talk about summer, there is no snow. But since there is sand on the beach, Australians create their very own sandmen.

Santa’s Flight

USA: Santa has a sleigh that is dragged by his reindeer.
Australia: They believe he is guided by his kangaroos.

Christmas Trees

USA: The majority will tell you that there is nothing else that could beat the smell of a real Christmas tree.
Australia: As long as you have your plastic tree, then you are all set.

Seasonal Produce

USA: Clementines become a staple on the table and in the stockings.
Australia: Each meal must have a bowl of unlimited cherries.




USA: Animals also dress up for the season. They often wear ugly Christmas sweaters to make them feel comfortable.
Australia: It’s too hot in Australia, so pooches keep it cool and simple with a classic embellished look.

Traditions on Christmas Day

USA: On Christmas morning, everybody wants to see a movie or simply relax.
Australia: Nothing says “I got the best Chrissie pressies on the street” than an all-in family water fight.

Table Items

USA: While some want a pine cone as a centerpiece, others simply like to see a scented candle.
Australia: The Christmas table won’t be set without a mosquito repellent.

Post-Christmas Meal Activities

USA: Everybody just wants to relax in front of the fireplace.
Australia: The best way to end a heavy Christmas lunch is to unwind on the beach



Christmas Day Table Arrangements

USA: Anything with a touch of red, gold, and green makes a festive centerpiece.
Australia: Nothing like a nice day in the sunshine on Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve Refreshments

USA: Nothing is more refreshing than a cup of eggnog that is made better with rum or bourbon.
Australia: Beer. Need we say more?

Christmas Cake

USA: A nice chocolate cake will make a fine dessert, but it would be great if there are pies and cookies.
Australia: An Australian Christmas won’t be complete without pavlova.

Christmas Parties

USA: Stealing a kiss under the mistletoe.
Australia: Good luck finding mistletoe.



Santa’s Look

USA: He is the jolly old man from the North Pole who has a beard, suit, and rosy cheeks.
Australia: Santa can be seen in the mall wearing a pair of sandals instead of boots.

Christmas Treats

USA: Gingerbread houses are indeed too beautiful to eat.
Australia: It’s the season of giving and sharing, so everybody can devour anything they want.

House Decorations

USA: Everybody becomes very competitive. As you walk around, people are busy decorating their houses with Christmas lights and ornaments.
Australia: Australians do not exert much effort, but still appreciate a nicely decorated home.

Christmas Sweaters

USA:  Ugly Christmas sweaters.
Australia: Who would wear those things? It’s summer.



Know more about the differences in both countries’ traditions through the video below.


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