10 Astonishing Facts about the Universe You Won’t Believe Are True


According to science, the universe is defined as the encompassing of both space and time.

This vast panorama of endless void is home to billions of stars, planets and galaxies to name a few. And According to scientists, the universe continues to expand to this day since it first emerged during the Big Bang. Reputed to be Man’s final frontier, wideness of space has made it one of the most amazing place whose wonders are still undiscovered.

However, this did not stop scientists from reaching further into its depths to discover new worlds and possibly another life form. If that is not amazing enough, then we give you the top ten surprising facts about the universe you did not know.

A tablespoon of a neutron star weighs an astonishing 10 million tons.

The mortality rate of people being able to live outside of our atmosphere is only three.

The distance between the moon and the earth allows enough space for all the planets in the Solar System to fit through.

The sun makes an unbelievable journey around the galaxy once every 200 million years which approximately takes 100,000 light years to complete.

Scientists recently discovered a hidden planet in the glare of an actual supernova for 21 years.

The sun is actually 300,000 times the size of earth.

The temperature of the sun is measured at approximately 9,941 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is believed that the earth collided about 4.5 billion years ago with an object as big as Mars.

Unknown to many, the planet Earth has more than one moon. The second moon is known as Cruithne.

The enormous Great Red Spot located on Jupiter is an actual storm that has been gracing the flawless surface of the planet for more than 20 years.

If you found this mind boggling, then check out more astounding facts about the universe that you need to know.

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