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Archaeologists Discover 300-Year-Old Mass Pirate Grave with Remains Believed to Be That of Black Sam


Recently, archaeologists discovered a 300-year-old mass pirate grave containing remains that could belong to the wealthiest pirate in recorded history.

300-Year-Old Mass Pirate Grave Discovered in North America

Apart from the year his ship was wrecked at sea, little to nothing is known about Black Sam‘s end. But with the discovery of a huge 300-year-old mass pirate grave, it seems like some questions will finally be answered.

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Samuel Black Sam Bellamy

The early eighteenth century witnessed the rise of a lot of names, one of the most prominent was Black Sam. Capt. Black Sam, born Samuel Bellamy, was an English pirate whose career lasted a little more than a year but made him one of the wealthiest sea conquerors in history. His entire career, Black Sam was able to capture a total of 53 ships, earning him the top spot on Forbes’s top-earning pirates list.

Black Sam was well known for his generosity toward his captives; he even likened himself to the heroic outlaw Robin Hood. This prompted people to nickname him the Prince of Pirates, and his crew collectively named themselves Robin Hood’s Men.

300-Year-Old Mass Pirate Grave

All the moves Black Sam made as pirate were nothing short of fruitful, but his successful career had to end in 1717 after a storm swept up his ship off the Cape Cod peninsula. The Whydah Gally, the vessel Black Sam sailed on on April 26, 1717, later capsized and sank, taking the pirate and his crew with her.

The crew had 146 members, only two of whom survived. Some one hundred bodies were washed ashore the following days, and they were buried by the town coroner.

Now centuries later, archaeologists believe they may have discovered the 300-year-old mass pirate grave, and of the hundred of sets of remains, they believe Black Sam’s could be one of them.

Investigator Casey Sherman said of the discovery, “We believe that we have found the largest mass burial ground in the US. Over 100 pirates washed ashore on Cape Cod [after the wreck], and our team believe that we have located it. It’s very hallowed ground.. . . Almost every day we’re learning more about what happened 300 years ago.”

Black Sam and his expeditions remain an important piece of history, making this discovery a significant one. In a continuous effort to confirm their assumptions concerning the renowned pirate, investigators are now trying to match the remains found to that of Black Sam’s descendants, all hoping it will give them the answers they have been seeking.

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