9-Year-Old Boy Marries 62-Year-Old Wife After Receiving Message from the Heavens


Here’s a story controversial enough to raise everyone’s eyebrows. Saneie Masilela breaks his own record as the world’s youngest groom after he married his 62-year-old wife, Helen Shabangu, for the second time. The two, who hail from South Africa, held a ceremony witnessed by about a hundred guests.

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Most of the villagers have found the union uncomfortable, others even going as far as calling it “sickening” as the boy was only 9 years old at that time. But for the families of both sides, it was merely a ceremony to please their ancestors after Saneie had a message from the heavens that he needed to wed.

The ceremony marks Saneie and Helen’s second wedding. It was celebrated with sharing a piece of wedding cake and a cringe-worthy kiss. Shockingly, even Helen’s legal husband, 66-year-old Alfred Shabangu, showed up in the event.

“Saneie was fine and he was happy about the ceremony last year and it what he wanted. – he was not shy. He was just happy to get married, very excited, and was not embarrassed about it. So much so he wanted to do it again,” Saneie’s mother, Patience Masilela, said. Amazingly, even the boy’s mother is younger than his bride at just 47 years old.

“After the wedding last year people keep asking them question like will they live together, sleep together, have babies, but I keep telling them that after the wedding, everything went back to normal, nothing changed.”

The marriage has always been Saneie’s personal decision, but he plans to go to school and marry someone his own age when he’s older. As for his family, they’re all just grateful despite the negative opinions made against them.

“By doing this, we made the ancestors happy. If we hadn’t done what my son had asked, then something bad would have happened in the family,” Patience said.

Helen and Saneie seemed to have crossed paths regularly, as the two met in the dumping site where his mother, Patience, works. “I’m very happy that the boy chose me and my family support and understand that it is part of making ancestors happy,” the bride old enough to be the groom’s grandmother said.

Helen adds that her side of the family is supportive of the decision to tie the knot with the young boy too. They were among the attendees of the ceremony, which did not involve any marriage certificate being signed. The newlyweds also have no plans of living together, and since the wedding, they have gone separate ways and proceeded with living their everyday lives.

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