The Aftermath Photos of the Massive Explosions in Tianjin, China are Unbelievable!


You’ve probably heard about the disaster that took place in Tianjin, China. A huge explosion left  a lot of people injured, and unfortunately, some perished. On top of that, it also made a massive amount of  damage within Tianjin and even to neighboring cities.

A series of devastating explosions tore through an industrial location where gas and toxic chemicals were stored. It hurtled enormous fiery debris into the sky, which lit up the port city of Tianjin, China, on the evening of August 12. Based on the latest report by CNN, the blast injured more than 700 individuals and took the lives of at least 114 people, with 57 still missing. The main reason as to why the tragedy happened is still under investigation.

A lot of the residents woke up only to find a horrible scene. Burnt buildings were everywhere, broken windows for miles around, toppled shipping containers, and a devastated industrial landscape. Below are some pictures of the aftermath of the tragic event.


In a building near the blast site, shards of window glass are stuck in the wall of a stairway.

A resident in face mask walks past the chaotic landscape near the location of the blast.

With little to no choice, a driver sits inside a severely damaged car in the middle of a highway.

On August 13, 2015, vehicles are on fire after the blast at Binhai New Area.

Some establishments are pictured still caught in a raging fire.


A pile of devastated vehicles can be found close to the blast site.

A legion of rescue vehicles and fire trucks rush to the smoke-filled area on August 13, 2015, following the explosion.

Pictured below is the body of a victim transported by firefighters onto a van.

A wrecked car sits at the site of the enormous blasts.


People flock close to the blast site at a port.

Overturned and crushed containers can be seen.

Covered in protective gear, firefighters observe as smoke persist to billow out.

A temporary shelter serves as a refuge for the victims of the destructive blast.

This lone and devastated bus sits near the site of the tragedy.


Injured and obviously in pain, this man is determined to leave the residential area.

At the blast site in Northern China, smoke continues to billow behind rows of razed cars.


Broken glasses and shattered windows are a common scene a short moment after the explosion.

Debris, smoke, and wrecked cars are all that remain for the victims to stare at.


A primary school’s playground was made into a temporary shelter where medical volunteers are stationed.

Stunned, a man stands in the middle of a road covered in broken glasses.

A warehouse in Tianjin is left with rows of devastated cars after the blast.

Standing in front a row of wrecked cars, a man scans the area.


Close to the blast site in Tianjin, rows of razed Volkswagen cars are complete destroyed.This metal container was hurled a couple of kilometers from the blast site.


Rubble and debris cover a damaged car near the blast site.


Watch the videos below for the footage of the explosion:



The disaster was truly heart-wrenching. As you can see in the pictures, Tianjin was turned into a smoke filled landscape with nothing but fire as its backdrop. Absolutely a heartbreaking tragedy that no one deserved.


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