Aftermath of the Recent Chile Earthquake in Photos



Last Wednesday, an 8.3-magnitude earthquake, which lasted 3 minutes, hit the northern part of Chile. It killed about ten people and forced more than one million individuals to vacate their homes.

The quake has cost the lives of several individuals and damaged other parts of the country. One victim of the mishap was a 35-year-old lady who died after a roof fell on her, and another one was a 20-year-old woman who was hit by falling rocks.

Although the residents of Illapel, Chile, were just 29 miles away from the epicenter, it has left them without clean drinking water. It’s not just them as the locals of Coquimbo region were also left with no electricity.

So far, the catastrophe holds the record as the strongest earthquake of the year, confirmed by Chilean Undersecretary of the Interior, Mahmud Aleuy.

The aftershocks of the earthquake were felt across South America. It even raised fear for the safety of the people in the coming days as more earthquakes and tsunamis are expected to strike the neighboring countries like New Zealand, Japan, California, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Russia.

According to the Weather Channel, residents of Russia, New Zealand, and Japan have been warned of potential tsunamis. Officials of the United States also advised residents in Southern California and Hawaii to be on the lookout.

The earthquake devastated the Chilean cities of Valparaiso, Concon, and Illapel. Take a look at the photos taken at the affected places after the catastrophe:

The streets of Illapel, Chile, were filled with debris of damaged structures


Here is another photo of a street in Illapel


The quake damaged tombstones in the city cemetery


It also destroyed several buildings along the streets of Illapel


Houses in Concon, Chile, became flooded with water



Debris scattered on the shoreline at a beach in Concon


More debris and fallen trees washed out in Concon


Debris can be seen all over the streets of Valparaiso


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