‘Asia’s Sexiest DJ’ Spends Time in Prison for Abducting Own Daughter

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Former Playboy Playmate and “Asia’s Sexiest DJ” Angie Vu is currently behind bars in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. She was arrested for reportedly taking her nine-year-old daughter to China en route to her hometown in Vietnam last November.

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US officials have arrested the 32-year-old Vietnamese model and DJ, and now she is facing parental abduction charges. Vu has a daughter with Frenchman Richard Froger who allowed the woman to take the little girl provided that she would return her on August.

After allegedly breaking off that agreement, Vu was nabbed trying to exit JFK, and her daughter was returned to Froger, who currently holds legal custody of the child.

The French government wanted Vu to be extradited to Europe to be officially charged for the crime. This is something that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry needs to make.

For the meantime, Vu is being held without bail in an all-women prison as a judge has deemed her a flight risk and a fugitive.


“A lot of lesbians around here and a few blondies are hitting on me,” Vu told New York Daily News. “But I prefer to read my Bible for now.”

The model, who famously kissed host Nick Cannon on live television for America’s Got Talent, has been in prison for three months now.

“I tried my best not to get in any fight. I thought prison could be much worse, though. Only saw prison on TV, I was ready for gang rape, getting beaten up and vowed to protect my face at all cost. So my social skills became handy,” Vu added in the interview. “I realized how tough I am. I thought I couldn’t last for two days and it’s now three months. I came to God and got saved so I spent time to pray and read the Bible too.”

The Metropolitan Detention Center where Vu is detained in holds 100 other female inmates.

Vu is scheduled for a hearing on February 10.

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