Australians Are Risking Blindness to Get Eyeballs Tattooed as Part of New Bizarre Trend


A dangerous trend of tattooing eyeballs has become popular in Australia. Medical experts have already cautioned everyone of its dangers such as cancer and blindness, but despite such warnings, twenty Australians already have permanent tattoos on their eyes.

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Luna Cobra is a US-born body modification artist who spearheaded modern eyeball tattooing. He started his eyeball tattoo art when he saw a photoshopped eye image of his friend.

When asked about his thoughts about his practice, Luna said, “I think it’s just becoming a trend among people that just want to be super-extreme. But the worry is that they are just getting anyone to do it—or doing it themselves.”

In eyeball tattooing, the ink is directly injected into the sclera, the white part of the eye, a procedure that’s quite simple but still dangerous.

Eyeball tattoos went mainstream when an American prisoner named Jason Barnum appeared on court with one of his eyes completely darkened. Kylie Garth, another body modification enthusiast had her eyes colored with blue ink. She described the procedure as pain-free but still frightening.

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