Trapped Baby Was Saved from an Icy River Car Crash After Cops Heard Mysterious Voice Calling for Help


It was March 2015 when Jennifer Groesbeck drove along the a road in northern Utah on her way home from a dinner at her parents’ house. Unfortunately, the vehicle veered off and plunged into the cold waters of the Spanish Fork river.

Caught on the edge of the bridge’s wall, the car flipped and crashed and ended up in the river. It stayed there floating for good 14 hours until someone saw it and spotted a hand dangling outside the broken window.

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Four cops arrived at the scene, and they dashed into the water so cold that a few officers had to be sent to the hospital after the rescue. A few minutes later, they were taken aback when they heard an adult voice coming from the car, calling desperately for help. The police responded, “We’re helping, we’re coming.”


After hearing the voice, the police felt a sense of urgency and immediately searched the car. Then they found the dead body of the young female driver.

But what shocked them was when they found Groesbeck’s daughter, Lily, still trapped into her seat. She was unconscious but still alive.


Lily’s story or survival was the subject of numerous news reports from across the globe. The police officers who responded to the scene suddenly realized that something odd actually happened that day. They said they did hear a voice calling for help, but if Mrs. Groesbeck was long dead when they arrived, whose voice was it then?

One cop, Tyler Beddoes, gave his own answer: it was Lily’s guardian angel who stayed beside her until someone arrived to save the child.

Strongly believing that what he heard was a voice of an angel, Beddoes, a Mormon, wrote a book titled Proof of Angels and described in there how Lily’s accident made his belief in religion stronger.

The rest of the police officers agreed that they did hear a voice, but none of them were sure enough as to whom it belonged.

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Groesbeck’s father shared that he tried to prevent his daughter from driving, but the young mom insisted that she was okay. Mrs. Groesbeck was believed to be under the influence of drugs when she went behind the wheels.

These bits of newly discovered information helped the investigators unfold what exactly happened in the car crash. But what remained a mystery was the voice that the police heard from the car.


The baffling accident gave way to more questions about the existence of angels. Studies say that 31 percent of people in the United Kingdom believe in angels, with 5 percent of them claiming they saw one. In United States, 69 percent of the country’s population also believe that we all have our guardian angels.

There have been reported stories before about people who have seen or felt the presence of angels, especially those who are often caught in dangerous situations, like climbers, astronauts, explorers, and divers.

True or not, we’ll never know. But perhaps, it’s time we start believing that there’s more to this world than what our naked eyes see.

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