A Family Released a Balloon With a Note At Father’s Grave …What Happened Next is Amazing


A widow and her daughter, left a note inside a balloon at the grave of their husband and father, respectively. Later on, they were both surprised as they saw it back at their home.

Sandy Seibold told KFOR News, “He was diagnosed in September. He passed away in May”. She was referring to her late husband, Johnny Seibold, who was then battling with cancer.

Last Father’s Day was their first time to celebrate it without Johnny. So, Sandy and her daughter Saige decided to release balloons at his grave. It came with a note addressed to the person who finds it.

“We thought the idea of sending balloons to heaven sounded good,” Sandy said.

However, Saige’s balloon release didn’t go according to plan. Because of this, Sandy just prayed that the balloons would fly on the next try. After a few minutes, a gust of wind caught them and they floated up.

After a 25-mile drive from the cemetery, the two finally arrived home in Cement, Oklahoma. They were both stunned to discover that the note was tangled in a fence at the pasture downhill from their abode.

Sandy wondered, “What are the chances? I think I started crying. It felt like a message from him”.

Even if they are still mourning, they feel a bit at ease now, knowing that their Johnny will always stay with them. “This has given us a lot of peace and good feelings about where he’s at,” Sandy just said.


Watch the video interview below:


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