Beachgoers Accidentally ‘Killed’ a Baby Dolphin as They Passed It Around for Selfies


This story is proof that technology has completely brainwashed the morals of today’s society.

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In the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a La Plata (or Franciscana dolphin) swam up near the shore. It was passed around by guests of the Santa Teresita resort who wanted to take a selfie with the poor sea creature.


The photos uploaded online had caused outrage as the ignorant selfie-loving people caused the baby dolphin to dehydrate under the hot Argentinian sun. La Plata dolphins are known to have naturally oily skin, but too much exposure to the sun can cause them to overheat, eventually leading to death.


The La Plata dolphin is classified as endangered, with only about 30, 000 known to be alive. They are known to be swimming across South America, in places like Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina. This has prompted the Argentine wildlife organization to caution people when handling these delicate mammals.

“It is vital that people help to rescue these animals, because every Franciscan counts,” they wrote.


This serves as a lesson for all people that instead of succumbing to acts for the sake of showing off to social media, there are many more opportunities to do the right thing.

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