Heated Argument Ends Up in a Bulldozer Fight on the Streets of China


All forms of machinery are something we humans will always be thankful for. They help us in our daily activities and they make seemingly impossible tasks possible. Well, that’s for the most part of the world—but not in China.

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A rather weird footage surfaced online showing two bulldozers battling each other. Looks like Autobots and Decepticons aren’t the only machines bent on destroying one another.

In the video, which was reportedly taken in China, two construction workers decided to take their frustration out on each other. But what everyone thought would end up in a fist fight turned into a street battle between two bulldozers.

The bulldozers then battled it out on the streets of Xingtang County in Hebei Province. The area was filled with dust due to the ensuing clash, with private cars trying their best to avoid the fight.

Then just like in a movie, a wheel loader got toppled over—luckily, its driver got out unscathed. Four bulldozers then decided to join in and that’s when all hell broke loose. One of those bulldozers even tried to make the fallen tractor stand back up.

The commotion abruptly ended when authorities arrived at the scene. A total of six tractors were damaged and two bulldozers were knocked down.

Local government spokesman Xu Feng later reported that the battle was caused by an intense argument between two unnamed construction companies.

A police investigation is underway and additional information with regard to injuries and arrests is set to be released.

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