Watch as This Cable SNAPS On a Theme Park Slingshot Ride …This is Shocking!


If you had any plans to go on a teacup ride, this will make you think twice. A recent video from the South of France depicts a frightening moment at Luna Park in Sydney, Australia. One of the park’s slingshot-style ride had a disastrous cable malfunction and what happened will give you the shivers.

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Luna Park allegedly blamed the elastic cable’s blunder on a “manufacturing defect”, which is, sadly, very typical. After the incident, the park closed the ride. Despite the colossal amount of danger the tragedy posed, the 24-year-old, who was in the ride, was fortunate enough to only suffer from a broken leg.

Below are pictures and a video very close to the Luna Park incident and this one happened in an amusement park in Wisconsin in July.

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