Cancer Patient Documents Her Last Few Days Through a String of Heartbreaking Tweets


A woman’s string of tweets documenting her final days on earth broke the hearts of her Twitter followers—but left a lesson worth pondering on.

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Her name is Amanda, and on Twitter, she was known by her username @TrappedAtMyDesk. It was January 2013 when a bad news was broken to her, a news that no one would ever want to receive themselves—she had brain cancer.

During her last few moments, Amanda took the time to get on Twitter and share her thoughts to everyone who knew her on the social networking site. Although heartbreaking, her last words became an inspiration to many people.

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At one point, she even had to quit her job because she found it pointless to still go to work when she only had three months to live.

This is the moment Amanda finds out she has advanced glioblastoma multiforme - a brain tumor t1

To give herself some time alone, she decided to go on a vacation in her attempt to make the most out of her remaining days. But when she started to feel intolerable pain, she had to head back home.

The account went silent for a few months, but in April 2013, she came back with another set of heartbreaking tweets.


Five days later, a man named James, assumed to be Amanda’s brother, delivered a sad news.


“Don’t spend time being angry at people. Forgive them. Life is entirely too short”—one of the last few words Amanda left for the rest of the world to read. Having endured the agonizing truth that her life was about to end, Amanda wanted people to appreciate the days ahead of them, something she never got the chance to do.

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