Cancer Survivor Received Miracle from the Sperm He Froze 23 Years Ago



There are things in life that are just plain miraculous and downright amazing, and this is yet another story to prove that. But it’s not the usual saving lives or feeding the poor kind of stuff. This is a story that is on a totally different level.

Alex Powell donated his sperm under the guidance of Patricia, his stepmother, when he was just 15 years old. But the reason he did it was because he got diagnosed with cancer at the time. Doctors suggested that Alex undergo chemotherapy immediately, but we all know what it does to our body.

Alex and his doctors never actually thought much about his fertility. But it was Patricia, who on the day Alex was diagnosed met a woman who had an 18-year-old son also undergoing chemo, that convinced Alex to donate his sperm. Patricia had a talk with the woman, and she found about the not-so-popular side effects of the process, which include infertility.

Because of Patricia’s concern for her stepson, she encouraged Alex to freeze his sperms at a sperm bank. Despite feeling a little awkward and embarrassed, Alex took her advice and did what she said.

Fortunately, Alex won the battle over cancer and he thought everything was good. But what he wasn’t prepared for was the other miracle that has been waiting for him for 23 years.





Alex almost totally forgot about the sperm he produced decades ago. When he grew up into an adult, he went into a remission. He eventually got married to his wife named, Vi, back in 2013. The couple thought about starting a family, and that was when Alex had a flashback about his sperm sample back in the 90s.



Alex was concerned about the state of his frozen sperm. He thought that it would be impossible for it to be fertile since it had been frozen for nearly 23 years. But fate has it that they deserve what they’re asking for, so on June 17, 2015, after a whole year of fertility treatments and retrieving half of his iced sperm, Alex welcomed Baby Xavier to his and his wife’s world.

Xavier now holds the world record for producing the oldest sperm to have been successfully used in IVF treatments, which makes Baby Xavier the world’s oldest baby.

Alex never regretted donating his sperm because he was given a priceless gift in return.



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