Shocking Moment Car Spins in Mid-Air, Then Lands on Another Car


This video should be a reminder to all motorists to drive safely, because you never know when the next car accident is bound to happen.

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A dashcam has captured terrifying footage of a car going into midair and doing a somersault twice before crashing down. Norman Drinkwater of Wales was driving on the road when he came face to face with a vehicle whose driver had seemingly lost control of the wheel. The whole accident was recorded on his car’s dashcam.

“I passed by as the car was spinning in mid-air to the side of me. It hit my car as it landed. I stopped and called the ambulance and the lady was taken to hospital as a precaution,” he told the Daily Post Wales.


Authorities rushed to the scene so they could take the woman driver to the hospital. Police had to close the road for approximately two hours while surveying the whole scene. They later reported that no other people were hurt during the incident.


On a lighter note, the woman sustained only minor injuries despite the heavy damages. She was later discharged from the hospital after hospital staff treated her back injury.

Watch the video below

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