Scary Video – Climbing a 1500-Foot Antenna Tower to Replace a Bulb


Most people look for a job that will provide security, but sadly, that’s kind of hard to find nowadays. But before you start complaining about your nine-to-five desk job that doesn’t give you the benefits you need, you might want to check out what this guy does for a living.

Meet Kevin Schmidt, a maintenance engineer from South Dakota who often climbs a 1,500 ft tower just to change the light bulb.

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While Schmidt’s job isn’t exactly for the faint of heart, a video recording of him doing his thing makes it look like it’s a piece of cake. Imagine having to climb a building much taller than the Empire State Building as a day job. Luckily, Schmidt is doing this to caution aircraft away from the TV tower so it ends up to be for good use.



Schmidt even has the guts to take a selfie while climbing dizzying heights. There hasn’t been any word on why the building is set this high, but for Schmidt, this is just another day in the office.




This may not be the worst job in the market right now, but it is something that requires guts to do on a daily basis. So again, you might want to rethink about complaining about your job because other people have to actually worry about their lives in order to make a decent income.

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