Couple Held Hostage and Tortured by Cannibals During Holiday Trip


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The couple were stripped naked and blindfolded.

“We’d joked about the famous cannibals of Papua New Guinea’s jungle, but it was no laughing matter when these men came out of the bush. They looked very scary in native costumes and what looked like warpaint and came closer before circling around us. They tore up my T-shirt to blindfold me and the awful thought crossed my mind that we could be on the menu,” Iovane adds, describing the tribesmen to have warpaint on their faces and looking very feral.

Clemens had her fingers cut to the bone, while the other tribesmen positioned machetes over the couple’s throats. Iovane details that although they spoke little English, they threatened them both with the words “We will kill you.”

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Papua New Guinea has long been known for their violent tribesmen and their cannibalistic practices. Although cannibalism has been made a punishable crime against humanity, there are still many tribes that engage in it.

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