Tennessee Couple Miraculously Survives Brutal Car Accident After ‘God Took the Wheel’


It seemed like it was really God’s choice to let Hunter Hanks and his girlfriend, Arika Stovall, survive a car crash. In January 2016, the vehicle the couple was on, which was running at a speed of 85 mph, suddenly hit a pole. The accident could’ve ripped them into pieces, but surprisingly enough, they were both spared.

Only a few seconds were needed for both Hunter and Arika to be given a second life. In just three seconds, Hunter was able to place the truck exactly at the center of the pole—a quick turn that saved their lives. According to Arika, it felt like during that short moment, “God took the wheel.” And for Arika, the way they escaped from the hands of death was a clear sign that He did not save them for no reason at all.

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After the accident, Hunter apologized to Arika for the failure to protect her, but she said he did just what he needed to do to keep her safe. Arika said that it might also be because of his baseball training that he was able to move the car in just three seconds.

She spoke of her boyfriend, “He keeps beating himself up for my pain but he saved my life. He keeps saying ‘I should have protected you and I didn’t do that’ but he did exactly what he needed to do to make sure my life didn’t end. The whole baseball player part helped him out. If he can hit a 95mph fastball he can do anything . He took care of me. And when we were both lying in our beds in the ER he found a way to come protect my heart and give me a hug. Lord knows I needed that just as much as my safety.”

Arika had another unbelievable experience while she was still in the scene of the accident. She said she saw a man with a big white beard  who told her that an ambulance was coming. She believed the man was her guardian angel, because if the bearded man didn’t take her attention for a short while, she would have seen her boyfriend being cut and lifted from the truck and would die of heart attack instead.



Arika said that the only thing left at the crash scene was his boyfriend’s Bible that was opened to a page where a scripture telling them not to be afraid because God was with them was written.

The couple was blessed to have their guardian angel with them in the car crash. The couple said that their experience is enough proof that God has a purpose for everything, so there should be no reason for us to stop sharing His love.

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