Cyclist Saved by Mattress That Fell Off the Truck That Almost Crushed Him to Death


A shocking incident was caught in a surveillance footage where a cyclist on the side of a road was knocked off his bike by a speeding truck. But the vehicle was kind enough to drop a mattress for the victim to fall onto.

Whether the dropping of the mattress was an accident or not, no one knows; but whatever it was, it was a blessing in disguise for the truck driver and the cyclist.

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The accident happened around four in the afternoon. A flatbed truck swiftly passed by and almost hit the cyclist on the frame of the road, but a mattress accidentally fell off the truck’s back, and it was exactly where the rider landed.

The mattress fell off just in time for the cyclist’s bouncy fall, something that shocked the cyclist himself.


It was not known whether the cyclist sustained injuries from the road accident, but judging from the footage, it looks like he was unscathed.

The cyclist paused for a while to absorb what was happening, then got up from the mattress, picked up his bike, and proceeded like nothing happened.

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