Dad Encourages Toddler Son to Jump Off Roof 15 ft from the Ground – Shocking Video


A new heart-stopping video is going viral. It shows a toddler standing an estimated 15 ft from the ground roof, ready to jump to the ground. Below is a man ready to catch him, who appears to be his father.

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The video, which was uploaded at LiveLeak, initially gained a lot of public attention, but the source and the people involved are yet to be revealed. According to the Daily Mirror, the footage came from the Middle East although no other details were disclosed as of today.

The end of the clip shows the boy jumping and his father successfully catching him from what could have been an ill fate.



We can’t help but be curious on how the little boy got on top, and most importantly, who is to say no such thing happens again? Let us all just hope that it does not.

Watch the video below

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