Doctor Injected Himself with Charlie Sheen’s Blood to Prove the Actor Is HIV-Free


Charlie Sheen‘s doctor injected himself with Sheen’s HIV infected blood to convince people that the comedy actor is cured.

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During a television show with American TV doctor Dr. Oz, Sheen revealed that he asked help from a Dr. Samir Chachoua.

Dr. Chachoua has quite a following, the Australian doctor has fan sites that advertise the doctor’s ability to cure incurable diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. There are even conspiracies about the doctor being kicked out of the United States for creating medicine that can render conventional medicine obsolete.

Sheen claimed that with the help of Dr. Chachoua’s blood transfusion treatment, the HIV in his blood were unobservable even without using antiretroviral treatment.

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Sheen explained that the unorthodox doctor was certain that the treatments were very effective, and to prove it, Chachoua even infused Sheen’s blood to himself.


Sheen was dismayed even before the show started since he received some terrible news about his health. He explained that week after week, he checked his blood and the results showed that the HIV was undetectable, but with his current medical test, it seems the virus numbers came back. The actor says he will be taking his antiviral medicine again.

Fanatics of Dr. Chachoua were disappointed and claimed that Sheen didn’t take the treatment properly and that he’s hiding the success of the treatment.

Charlie Sheen was diagnosed with HIV last 2011 but made his public announcement last November 2015.

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