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The Amount of Collectibles in This Doraemon-Obsessed Family’s House Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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Have you ever loved something so much, it’s the only thing you want to see every second of your every day? This is exactly how one family in Indonesia feel toward probably one of the most popular cartoon characters to ever grace both the big and small screen—Doraemon.

Running from 1969 to 1996, in the twenty-seven long years that it was on television, Doraemon has attracted millions of viewers. It may just be a time-traveling robotic cat for some, but Doraemon, unlike all robots out there, has feelings and genuinely cares for his friend Nobita. So the fact that it’s well-loved, there’s no surprise there.

What’s surprising, though, is how much Reghina Karwur and her husband are so invested in the anime character that their house has seemingly turned into a museum dedicated to Doraemon.

Doraemon-Obsessed Family in Indonesia Has House Full of Collectibles

From the main entrance to the bathroom, every corner of the Karwurs’ house will remind you of Doraemon. The second you stop your car in front of their house and even before you can get off, just a glimpse of their home from meters away, you will know that they are indeed the biggest Doraemon fans.

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Doraemon Inspired House

The house is painted white and blue, and the walls have the famous cat’s face on them. You might think that’s not enough to call the family “obsessed,” well, wait till you get to their living room.

On their blue-and-white couches, there sit a number of Doraemon pillows, and in the middle is a table with a Doraemon mug at the center. The walls inside the house scream Doraemon too, with the time-traveling feline’s and his friends’ portraits hung all around. Even the door has Doraemon stickers pasted all over it.

Doraemon-Obsessed Family

Even this Doraemon-obsessed family’s kitchen will remind you of the cartoon character, as the area has a Doraemon-themed floor tiles, door curtains, furniture, tableware, and even their cooker cover is Doraemon-themed. For the rest of the items that don’t have a Doraemon version, they go with either a white- or blue-colored one.

Doraemon Kids Room

The children’s bedroom and even their car is Doraemon-themed. It is safe to say that while the world certainly loves Doraemon, no one will ever love them as much as the Karwurs.

Doraemon Kitchen

Doraemon Room for kids

As to where exactly in Indonesia their house can be found, nobody knows for sure. But you can trust that it is very to find, as there’s no other house in the world that looks like the abode of the popular robotic cat but the residence of this Doraemon-obsessed family.

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Credit: @mrs.mangempis