This Crane Dramatically Collapses onto Five Houses …Watch the Shocking Video



While repairing the Queen Juliana bridge in the Dutch city of Alphen aan den Rijn, a crane collapsed onto a number of buildings nearby. All in all, there were five houses damaged. There were also about 20 people injured, but later on, reports indicated that the number was somewhat lower.

One man was reportedly pulled out alive from the debris after two large cranes carrying a section of bridge collapsed onto apartments and shops overlooking a canal in Alphen aan den Rijn, South Holland, this afternoon

A man was pulled safe and alive from the rubble. With the help of rescuers and their dogs, they worked deep into the night to look for other victims, who might have been trapped.

Ton Koot of the local fire department said, “We hope that the number of victims stays at this one man who was taken to a hospital with hip problems.”

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He also said that the initial reports about the number of injured victims were purely based on estimates of number of people, who might have possibly been in the house by the time the cranes slammed into them.

He continued, “We are stabilizing the situation, so rescue workers can go in”.

There were also two trained teams and five trained sniffer dogs, who have been deployed to overseas disasters like earthquakes.

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Looking at the amateur video, the tall orange crane on a raft on the Rijn river was seen lifting a huge section of the bridge. Suddenly, it began to sway and toppled onto the houses. It then slammed through the houses, which resulted in a cloud dust going up into the air.

Dick van Smirren, who witnessed the incident, said, “You see the cloud of dust rise — that is a terrible image and you think, ‘Who is under there?’ You can’t believe what you see.”

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As rescuers went on with their work, the local municipality asked people to stay away from the scene.

Watch the video here:


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