Brave Driver Jumps Through the Window of His Moving Car as Thief Tries to Drive It Away


So how far would you go just to prevent your car from being taken away by some heartless thief? For the man in this now-viral CCTV footage, it took him an epic stunt just to save his car from being stolen.

A shocking clip recorded on November 30, 2015, shows a man doing an “epic ninja jump” as he runs a distance, then suddenly jumps through his running car’s window when a robber attempted to drive it away from a petrol station in Darwin, Northern Australia.

The alleged thief was later identified as Timothy Slater, 24, from Perth, Western Australia. He attempted to steal the car while the driver was away to pay his petrol bill.

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Luckily, the owner immediately spotted the thief, then ran back and jumped into the side window of the moving car.

Though he failed on the first try, he got back up and eventually succeeded to kick the stranger out. The thief got out from the other side and ran away.

The epic carjacking footage had gained attention from people in the social media, with some netizens praising the driver for his bravery.

The police are now doing their best to find the thief for quite a long list of offenses like stealing, aggravated assault, and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

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