Lucky Driver Spared After Huge Truck About to Collide with His Car Makes Last-Second Drift


Sometimes, a person’s one fine day can turn into a disaster in just a split second. This is exactly what happened to this driver in Russia.

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A man was driving at an average speed when a large truck suddenly busted the traffic. The one manning the truck lost control of the vehicle and ended up pulling off a stunt so dangerous, others could do nothing but wish for the best luck of their lives.

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The driver thought it was too late to back off the road to escape what could have been a fatal accident. He thought he would just let his life end that way, but despite getting caught in a hazardous situation, in a strange twist of fate, the driver was spared.

lucky driver3

As you can see in the video, the car driver stops as he sees the truck hurtle toward him. As the bigger vehicle suddenly wheels sideways, it was clear that it was about to collide with the car. But after a perfect truck drift, it moved only inches away from the car, saving the motorist’s life.

No doubt about it, he must be the luckiest driver of all time.

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