See the Horrifying Moment Drunk Woman Falls in Front of Subway Train


If you’re drunk, it’s recommended that you sleep it off first, at your own or friend’s home, or at the benches in the park, before you head home. Because if you try to ride the subway while you’re still in an intoxicated state, it’ll be more disastrous for you than you could ever imagine.

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Unaware that she’s wobbling, this particular lady walks to the end of the platform. And as predicted, she falls off the tracks, though she immediately manages to drag herself into the third rail just as the train approaches.


Guess what, she survives! The train suddenly comes to a screeching halt just a few hair away from her head.


Moral lesson? Never attempt to travel while you’re under the influence of alcohol. You might end up like her, or it could get ten times worse.

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