Drunk Woman Harasses the Police, Cop Finds Perfect Way to Teach Her a Lesson


Getting drunk in public places is not a good idea. So if you have one two many drinks, it usually ends up in disaster. Drinking is one good way for us to unwind, but getting wasted is another thing. Take a cue from this woman, who along with her equally intoxicated brother, learned a thing or two after messing with the authorities.

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The video, which is believed to have been filmed in Australia, shows cops trying to contain an erratic drunk man in a public area. When he gets aggressive and proceeds to resist arrest, his sister jumps into action but inexplicably fails in doing so.

People teach you not to aggravate a situation for a pretty good reason. As the woman continuously harasses and physical abuses the police on the scene, one cop retaliates by pepper-spraying the woman in the face. Now before you judge the cop and scream police brutality, look at how the woman acts in the video first and draw your conclusion later.

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