Dutch Man, Considered Europe’s Most Potent Sperm Donor, Is Now a Father of 98 Kids!


A Dutch man was hailed as Europe’s most generous sperm donor because of his charitable sperm donations, which made him a father of a total of 98 children.

Since 2002, Ed Houben has already been donating his sperm to a sperm bank, but he later realized that it would be better to donate it the “natural” way because that’s what God prefers.

Houben hasn’t had sex till he reached the age of 34, but now he has become the father of almost a hundred kids.

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Ed’s usual “customers” are lesbian couples, single women, or couples who can’t bear a child. And instead of relying on medical processes, Houben donates his sperm the good, old-fashioned way, which he believes has better chance of conception. Ed is aware that with the way he does things, it would make him appear like he just wants some sex, but he rebuts it by saying, ” . . . usually, I’m the only person people can talk to if it doesn’t work.”

The last woman Ed met was a 28-year-old nursery nurse, who gave birth to his 98th child. The mother said that she was desperate of having a child but just couldn’t find the right man. She added that before they did it, she made sure she and Ed had a little talk to further know each other.

Ed Houben keeps a list of all the women he impregnated and the name of the kids to avoid any interbreeding or mix-ups. Hew says that the kids can also consult the list in case they want to meet him.

Usually, Houben just waits for women who need his service to come visit him in his home in Maastricht, Netherlands. But he makes certain exemptions and takes the time to travel to where they are himself, provided they cover the cost of his flight and accommodation.

People can also reach Houben through the German Web site Spermaspender.de. Women are confident working with Houben as he is known for giving 80 percent of the ladies he sleeps with a child.

To ensure his own safety, Houben usually asks his partners to submit medical records to prove they don’t have any illness or have not taken drugs.

For every session, Ed could’ve earned more than $7,000, just like what most sperm banks do, but the generous man says he’d rather do it for free. Before, he’d just let the women sign a document declaring that they won’t ask him for child support, but after his lawyer said the waiver would not hold up in court, he just now relies on “good faith.”

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