After Falling 1,000 Feet Down a Mountainside, This Skier Miraculously Escaped Unharmed

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When you’re skiing down the ice, unexpected events can unfold right before your eyes. Accidents and mishaps are normal, even if you’re a world champion skier. That is exactly what happened to Angel Collinson, a world-renowned female skier.

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Twenty-five-year-old Collinson was sliding down the Neacola Range in Alaska with ease. After all, she is a professional skier and is a popular personality among people in the field. But life can always do terrible things, and in one of her stunts, before she knew it, she was rolling down the mountain after she had lost her balance.





As shown in the footage below, Collinson plummeted 1,000 feet down the mountain for almost a minute. You can hear her terrified breaths as she kept on falling and falling. Fortunately, she didn’t gain any serious injuries from the accident, aside from two jammed fingers. And as to how that happened, no one really knows.

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