Girl Bravely Shares Shocking Photo of Herself to Warn People About the Consequences of Binge Drinking


There are some of us who enjoy drinking alcohol so much. We’re used to thinking that once we get our fill of them, they wouldn’t really cause our body any harm. However, there is a student who shared a terrifying yet eye-opening picture of herself being admitted to a hospital to warn people about the cruel consequences of binge drinking.

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According to The Independent, Hanna Lottritz, a 21-year-old journalism student at the University of Nevada, collapsed into a coma after drinking five times the legal limit at a concert with friends. The event that transpired that evening was written in Lottritz’s blog.


She adds in detail that she ended up in a campsite after the concert. She then had a drinking competition with a friend.

They wanted to find out which of them could chug down a bottle of whiskey without stopping. When they were done, she told everyone that she was all right, but then she suddenly passed out and stopped breathing.




When she woke up, she was already in a hospital and had a tube down her throat with hospital appendages all over her body. Lorritz said that she never realized the true meaning of “drink responsibly” until she woke up from a coma.

According to the doctors, Lottritz was unable to react to painful or verbal stimuli. They even thought that she was brain dead. Too much booze caused her to have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.41. She also suffered from acute alcohol intoxication and acute respiratory failure.


A few hours after waking up, she slowly began to recover, and doctors later on removed the tube in her mouth. They asked her if she was trying to kill herself through binge drinking, and that was the time she realized how serious things could get if you drink irresponsibly.

Because of the incident, Ms. Lottritz’s perception about alcohol was changed, and now she says she prefers to have a simple dinner and maybe a bit of wine on her birthday party instead of drinking the night away.

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