Girl Films Street Fight as a Selfie Video


Oftentimes, we wonder if the digital age has affected the minds of the younger generation. When faced in a situation that could have easily turned brutal—like a street brawl, for example—what do you do? You call the cops, of course.

But not this woman, she decided to take a selfie.

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The video shows a woman sitting behind two men in the streets of Russia. She pretends to take a selfie of the men as they engage in a heated argument. The argument soon turns physical as the younger man punches the gray-haired older man directly on the face. He later manages to knock him down on the park bench and continuously delivers bone-shattering blows.



All this time, the blonde woman smirks and pouts like she’s amused about the whole thing. The last part of the video shows the older man finally kicking the younger one back while the woman continues to film. You can see some bystanders coming close and we can only hope authorities came to resolve the issue once and for all.

We don’t condone street violence or any form of violence for that matter, so it’s safe to say that these two men were equally at fault. As for the woman, she is probably the biggest fool of all.

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