12-Year-Old Girl Takes Mensa IQ Test and Scores Higher Than Einstein and Hawking


Twelve-year-old Lydia Sebastian outranks the IQ of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking after scoring 162 in Mensa IQ test. Mensa is a nonprofit organization that provides exclusive membership to individuals who scored at the top 98th percentile on any approved intelligence test. In other words, it’s the exclusive club for geniuses.

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For a young genius, people would assume that Lydia was constantly pushed to become an “achiever” by her parents, but it’s quite the opposite. Lydia’s parents actually had a casual approach to Lydia’s education. As what Lydia’s father said, “If a child is pushed to do something that’s not designed for their age then, personally, I’d feel they they’d be missing out on other things.”

Erika Kottiath, Lydia’s mother, and Arun Sebastian, her father, who works as a radiologist, were already aware of Lydia’s amazing intellect ever since she was still young. When she was just 6 months old, Lydia already started uttering words. By four years old, she played the violin. Lydia also had a knack for reading, she was able to read all the Harry Potter books thrice.


Lydia took the Cattell III B,  one of the supervised IQ test that evaluates logic, language skills, verbal reasoning, and analysis. She was escorted by her grandfather since children need to be accompanied by their parents or guardian when entering test centers.

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Her parents were surprised to receive the IQ test results. Lydia scored 162, which is the highest possible result of the test she took. Both Einstein and Hawking didn’t have any sat tests, that’s why it’s assumed that they have an IQ of 160. It’s incredible that a 12 year-old-girl has able to surpass two of the greatest geniuses in the world.


Lydia was nervous when she took the test and expected it to be extremely difficult. However, when she finally got her hands on the exam, she realized it was easy for her and became more confident. The young genius has applied for a spot in Mensa and will soon join the elite group of highly intellectual people.

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