Gran, 55, Gives Birth to Triplets


Sharon Cutts from Boston, Lincolnshire, has just given birth to a triplets on March 21, 2016, becoming the oldest mother in Britain at 55. But her eldest son disapproves. In his opinion, at her age, his mother shouldn’t be having children anymore.

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Cutts has 4 children with her estranged husband. On the other hand, her boyfriend, Stuart Reynolds, 40, doesn’t have children of his own. The couple went to Cyprus and spent over US$31,000 on IVF.

Charles, 21, does not agree with his mom’s decision to have more children. He thinks that his mom should be relaxing and enjoying her life at her age.

Charles’s other siblings Emma, 26; Sam, 23; and Amy, 19, have already visited their mother and the triplets a few times. Though he disagrees with his mom’s choice, he said that he’s happy because the couple finally got what they wanted.

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