Hero Firefighters Risk Their Lives to Battle Hellish Californian Wildfires

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Southern California faced two wildfires last Friday. The North Fire and the Pine Fire were relatively close to each other.

It was in the Interstate 15 in San Bernardino County in the Cajon Pass, the road to get to Las Vegas from Los Angeles area, that the North Fire started off. The fire moved fast that it destroyed 3,500 acres in just a few hours. The fire also burned cars and about four buildings around the area.


In the evening of the same day, Pine Fire also started in Wrightwood, a mountainous terrain near the Mountain High ski and campgrounds area. As the North Fire quickly grew to more than 100 acres, the campgrounds including ninety girl scouts were quickly evacuated as firefighting resources fought the fire.

Firefighters start a backfire along Baldy Mesa Road late on July 17 near Interstate 15 in Cajon Pass.
A backfire was initiated by firefighters last July 17 along Baldy Mesa Road.

The Pine Fire actively burned overnight because it was happening in drought-impacted forest. The Forest Service law enforcement banned media access to the area because the cause of the wildfire is still under investigation.


Take a look at the pictures of the wildfire.

The North Fire rages on.
An inmate handcrew from Norco walks back to Table Mountain Road, after digging a hand line at the Pine Fire early Saturday morning.
A night flying helicopter’s light pierces the smoke coming from the Pine Fire near Wrightwood, California, early Saturday morning.
Joshua trees illuminated by embers at a burned-over area of the North Fire.

The North Fire near Hesperia, California, was estimated to have burned around 3,500 acres and was 35 percent contained, while the Pine Fire in the nearby Wrightwood burned more than 125 acres and was 0% contained.

For both fires, evacuation were properly in place.

A recently burned-over area of the North Fire burning near Hesperia, California, on Friday evening.



A ski lift is lit by the glow of the Pine Fire near Wrightwood, California, last Saturday. The fire was burning near summer camps and ski resorts closed for the summer.

The North Fire burns along Baldy Mesa Road late Friday, July 17, near Interstate 15 in the Cajon Pass in San Bernardino County. The wildfire continued to burn uncontrollably Saturday, scorching 3,500 acres with only 5% containment in San Bernardino County, officials said.

Flames from the Pines Fire burn on Saturday, July 18, in Wrightwood, California. The blaze was burning near Mount San Antonio, also called Mount Baldy for its snow-capped summit that's highly visible in the L.A. area.

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