Hideout of World’s Most Wanted Drug Lord, El Chapo, Exposed in Photos


Photographs of El Chapo‘s hideout have been circulating around the Internet. Joaquín Guzmán or better known as ‘El Chapo’ is wanted by the United States government for smuggling countless prohibited drugs into the country via the Mexican border.  

El Chapo has remain hidden until an anonymous tip helped the Mexican police track and capture the infamous drug baron. The photos below show El Chapo’s hideout as well as the aftermath of the raid.

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The hideout has become a total wreck after the intense raid called Operation Black Swan 

The walls in the living room are covered with bullet holes


 Closeup of of the bullet holes

DVDs of the Mexican telenovela La Reina del Sur 

Here we have the secret passage Guzmán used to escape from the Mexican marines 

The secret passage leads to an escape tunnel

The tunnel leads to a sewage system

An assault rifle is found in the tunnel

The exit of the secret tunnel

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