YouTuber Tails ‘Homeless’ Man Only to See Him Driving a Nice Car Off to His Own House


This YouTuber just revealed that not all homeless men are actually homeless. Some of them even ride on nice cars and have a good roof to sleep under.

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YouTuber Jack Vale started following a homeless man from Roseville, California, after his uncle told him that he spared the man a few dollars only to see him getting on a nice car later on and drove off to his house.


So Vale decided to investigate and followed the “homeless” man on a Saturday morning. He saw him standing on a road side, dressed in old clothes, and carrying a sign that read, “Homeless [sic] Anything helps God bless.”


After a few hours of begging for money, the man left his post. Vale and his uncle followed him as he went inside a garage. They then saw him get out, driving a Chevrolet Malibu.


As if seeing him on a nice car wasn’t enough proof that the man was a fake beggar, Vale tailed him until they reached a pretty nice neighborhood, where the man dropped by a certain house. He got in, and that’s when Vale knocked on his door to confront him.


The man denied at first that it was his house, but later on, as the conversation got more intense, he admitted that he was indeed living in there and that he was the one begging on the streets, while shouting at Vale to get off his porch.

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Considering that all of his past videos are all about pranks, people remain doubtful as to the credibility of the story. Nevertheless, the vlogger leaves his viewers an important thought to ponder on as he says, “Listen, for what it’s worth, there are a lot of people legitimately in need, so I say, do what you can to help them. And remember it’s more about the place in your heart where the gift comes from than anything else.”

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