Husband Gets the Shock of His Life After Seeing His ‘Dead’ Wife on TV


Imagine your loved one whom you thought is already dead appeared on TV—alive and kicking. You would probably initially dismiss it as just a bad dream, except that you’re wide awake. The biggest shock of your life, perhaps.

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That’s exactly what happened to Abragh Mohamed. His wife was thought to have died in a car accident more than 2 years ago, he even saw her get buried 6 feet below the ground.

After the accident, Abragh’s wife was brought to Casablanca hospital, but the doctors weren’t able to save his wife due to her serious injuries.

wife4 Funeral-home

So imagine his shock when he learned she appeared on Moroccan TV show Al Mujtafun (Desaparecidos)a public service program for people who lost contact with their loved ones.

According to some witnesses, it was Abragh’s friends who recognized his “dead wife” on the show and called him to tell the incredible news.

Right after the accident more than two years ago, the doctor told him that there’s a big possibility that his wife wouldn’t survive, but the bill should still be paid.


Poor Mr. Mohamed was forced to travel for four hours to his secluded home in the Azilal mountains to get the money and came back just to be told his wife had died.

It’s now clear that the body Abragh had buried more than two years ago wasn’t his wife’s.

The question now is, where had his wife been for the past two years? What happened to her?

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