Ikea Bans Hide-and-Seek in Its Stores …The Viral Trend Has Just Been Shut Down



Ever been to Ikea? Have you seen the many wonders of tools, equipment, and other items that they have? Have you thought, Oh, this one is a good hiding spot!

If you have, then you must be dying to visit Ikea and play a round of hide-and-seek by now. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do that in Ikea stores anymore.

According to CNN, the Swedish furniture retailer wants shoppers to quit doing hide-and-seek because playing the game at the store is getting a lot of attention on social media. So basically, adults who are having too much fun at Ikea were told to stop.

The spokesperson for the Ikea Group, Martina Smedberg, said, “We are very happy that people are playful, but safety must prevail. Please don’t play hide-and-seek in Ikea stores.”

Ikea bans games of hide and seek in its stores

It all began last year, when a woman wrote playing hide-and-seek in an Ikea store on her pre-thirtieth birthday celebration bucket list in Belgium. The woman showed up with a couple of friends, and everybody had an amazing time, Smedberg shared. In Sweden, they’ve also been able to play the game.

However, they weren’t expecting for things to spiral out of control. It started out from few friends and has evolved to something bigger. Similar events are planned in Canada and Europe, which is being spread on Facebook. There’s said to be an event at an Amsterdam store next month in which 19,000 people have signed up already.



That’s what made the furniture retailer to call a halt on the games. With 315 stores in twenty-seven countries, the furniture just can’t risk it.

After the company contacted the numerous Facebook pages, most of the organizers have agreed and understood to pull the events after “kindly asking them to do the hide-and-seek outside the Ikea stores,” said Smedberg.

Previously, customers would hide in the corners and nooks of the sprawling stores and bury themselves in baskets.

Smedberg said, “We have to guarantee safety in the stores that’s quite difficult if we don’t even know where the people are.”


Watch a video right here.

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