Death Metal Grandma

96-Year-Old Woman Becomes Death Metal Band Frontwoman

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When can you say you’ve lived long enough? When your hair turns gray and your 20/20 vision has become a thing of the past? When do you say you’re too old to play? When you’re too weak to get on a Ferris wheel or hop on the carousel?

Does fun have an age limit?

For some, maybe. But for 96-year-old Inge Ginsberg, as long as one is alive, they have all the right to do whatever they want and have fun.

Four years and Ginsberg will be a centenarian, but she does not let her old age stop her from pursuing something she knows will make her happy—a musical career. Now Ginsberg is the vocalist of a death metal band.

96-Year-Old Grandma Is a Death Metal Band Vocalist

Austria-born Inge Ginsberg spent a few years at a refugee camp before relocating to Hollywood with her husband. Rebuilding a life from an ordeal that stripped them of everything was hard, but Ginsberg was able to break into the music industry by composing songs for several artists. The roster included pianist Nat King Cole, singer Dean Martin, and actress-singer Doris Day.

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Inge Ginsberg

But the Hollywood life became too much to handle for Inge Ginsberg, calling it all fake. So she decided to try something new. Ginsberg continued writing music, but this time, not for anyone but for herself. Problem was, she didn’t have anyone to play her songs to. It didn’t take long before Ginsberg found herself holding a microphone, fronting a death metal band.

How Inge Ginsberg Formed the Tritone Kings

Having outlived her parents and most of her relatives, Ginsberg admitted that she became lonely. But she chose not to give up and gave life another shot. She wanted to do something but did not know what it was. It wasn’t until a frequent musical collaborator, Pedro De Siva, read one of the songs she’s written that she came up with the idea of starting a death metal band.

De Siva recalled, “One summer, she started writing these lyrics about blood and death, and I told her, ‘This sounds like death metal lyrics.’”

Ginsberg and De Siva formed the four-member band Tritone Kings. Ginsberg writes lyrics, and the rest of the band takes care of the music writing. Tritone Kings has a few original songs under their belt and appearances on hit TV shows like Switzerland’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent.

Tritone Kings

Just like any other singer out there, Inge Ginsberg pens songs to send a message to the world. When asked what it is, Ginsberg said, “Every one of my songs has a message. The first one is don’t destroy what you can’t replace. But the second is a very heavy message to it: you can’t avoid death, so laugh about it.”

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